WE ARE AGENTS FOR ISO TANK CONTAINERS - HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS FLEXI TANKS SHREYAS CONTAINERS - FEEDER VESSEL ISO tanks are the revolutionary concept in the transportation of liquid, gaseous and  powder chemicals. They provide a sturdy safe and user friendly mode of loading,  carriage, transportation, shipping and discharge of various hazardous, non-hazardous  and food grade chemicals adhering to the international norms regulations of safety.  We serve our valuable customers for worldwide locations for Export and Import  through our division of ISO Tank Container agency business, for spot shipment,  nomination / dedicated shipments. What is FLEXITANK?  FLEXITANK is special equipment for transportation bulk non-hazardous cargoes, using  the standard 20-foot sea or railway container.  FLEXITANK is a special, soft and tight tank with volume from 14 up to 24 thousand  liters. FLEXITANK is produced from plastic material. In combined condition it occupies  just 0,25 cubic meter. How it works?  FLEXITANK should be installed in 20-foot container which can be provided by our  company or you can use your own container. Installation of FLEXITANK takes 20-30  minutes. Then container will be ready to load your cargo. Installation of FLEXITANK  can be made both on the container terminal, and in a place of loading. After installation  you will just need to connect your connecting device to FLEXITANK. Using the pump  you can start loading. Loading takes 20-40 minutes depending on type of a cargo and  the pump. After loading is finished the container with FLEXITANK and with your cargo  is ready to travel. The container can be transported by road, railway or sea. The  container with your cargo can be delivered to any point worldwide. In place of  destination you or your partners can unload a cargo quickly and without any losses.  For this you will need just the pump. After unloading is finished, FLEXITANK can be  utilized, as it is disposable. Shreyas Shipping and Logistics is India's first and only container feeder owning  and operating company. Shreyas started is operations in 1993, and began  primarily to fill the gap for feedering of containers between Indian ports and  internationally renowned transshipment ports such as Dubai, Khorfakkan, Jebel  Ali, Colombo and Singapore.  Shreyas used its accumulated experience in operating feeder services to pioneer  coastal transshipment services within India thereby connecting Indian ports to  each other for the purposes of relaying containerized cargo. This service  provided crucial links between Indian ports and assisted transshipment of cargo  over Indian ports.  Shreyas is always looking for new areas of business and is now looking at  Greenfield ventures in the areas of Mid-size parcel and domestic logistics.  TOTAL LOGISTICS SPECIALISTS  Linking india and the Indian Sub Continent  by sea, air, land, rail & road like never  before, performing speedy deliveries and  quick pickups with an edge over the others.