OUR SERVICES REMOTE CONTROLLED GRABS Equipment Supply  We supply specialized radio controlled grabs to various ships for handling of coal, iron ore, bauxite, rock phosphate, pellets and various specialized cargoes in east and west coast of India. Hire of cranes for turnkey projects of cargo. Hire of big excavators like EX 400 and EX 350 for dredging, vessel lighterage operations and other infrastructure project FREIGHT FORWARDERS AIR & SEA SHIPMENTS ROAD TRAILER TRANSPORTATION BREAK BULK CARGO EXCAVATOR OPERATIONS LAKES & WATER BODY CLEANING Logistics related services Ocean / Air FCL /LCL Cargo. Pre shipment documentation. Road transportation. Customs clearance (have working arrangements with three leading CHA’S). Warehousing facilities LCL service, ex Goa Air cargo general import/export and express services for export. ISSPL offers authentic and cost-effective freight shipping solutions for cargo transportation and transport logistics services worldwide. Our transport logistics services include air freight and sea freight. We have a dedicated team of highly trained freight shipping specialists, structured to provide our customers with a competitive edge. Our solid infrastructure of global freight management supports international freight shipping that is focused on our core competency – versatility in accommodating each customer’s special handling and freight shipping requirements. Road Transportation : We have well maintained fleet of 16 tractor trailers. We are a well know name in transportation of hazardous cargoes and highly sensitive refrigerated cargoes. Having our own workshop, mechanics and repair facilities aids in keeping our fleet in top condition. Some of our vehicles are even fitted with GPS systems to rpovide proper track and trace of highly sensitive cargoes. What is Break Bulk Cargo... Packaged but non-containerized cargo. Loose cement, grains, ores, etc., are termed bulk cargo, whereas cargo shipped as a unit (bags, bales, barrels, boxes, cartons, drums, pallets, sacks, vehicles, etc.) is termed break bulk. Our fleet of modern, high-quality multipurpose vessels is ideal for transporting a diverse range of general breakbulk cargoes such as base as well as structural / fabricated steel cargoes, large and small machinery items and most kinds of unitised cargoes. CONDUCT EXCAVATOR OPERATIONS  An excavator is a self-propelled crawler or wheeled machine with an upper structure capable of up to a 360° rotation, which excavates, elevates, swings and discharges material by the action of a bucket fitted to the boom or arm or telescoping boom, without moving the chassis or undercarriage during any part of the working cycle of the machine. Large build-ups of organic sediment or muck are commonplace in many water bodies. This is the result of years of nutrients and organic matter entering the water. Runoff containing fertilizers, grass clippings, leaves, animal waste, septic waste, etc. contributes the majority of this organic material, but aquatic weeds, algae, dust, pollen, and fish and waterfowl droppings are also contributors. Muck removal is the foremost and necessary step towards a clean lake bottom or pond bottom. Please request a friendly quote your break bulk shipment. Please request a friendly quote your Air & Ship Cargo. Please request a friendly quote your Freight Forwarding requirements. Please request a friendly quote your Remote Controlled Grab requirements. Please request a friendly quote your Road Trailer Transportation needs. Please request a friendly quote your excavation operations. Please request a friendly quote your Lake & Water Body Cleaning equirements. TOTAL LOGISTICS SPECIALISTS  Linking india and the Indian Sub Continent  by sea, air, land, rail & road like never  before, performing speedy deliveries and  quick pickups with an edge over the others.